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Star of David (Magen David). Silver Pendant, 925, 12k yellow gold plated '. Size 2,4 cm

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Star of David (Magen David). Silver Pendant, 925, 12k yellow gold plated '. Size 2,4 cm

Star of David (Magen David). Silver Pendant, 925, 12k yellow gold plated '. Size 2,4 cm

Star of David (Magen David, Shield of David) - a sacred symbol of the Jewish people, which is presented in the form of a six-pointed star, composed of two identical triangles.This symbol is an inherent part of Judaism and is depicted in the synagogues and other religious objects . Image of the Star of David is central and the state flag of Israel.

Even in ancient times hexagram perceived by people as a sign that can protect from evil forces . Not coincidentally, this image is found in many household items, as well as safeguarding, and talismans. However, the Magen David can act as an independent and talisman worn as a stylish decoration. In most cases, the Star of David worn on a chain as a necklace, pendant or suspension. For women are made in the form of elegant hexagram.

The star of David has a lot of symbolic meanings. Even in ancient times, people knew that the Magen David symbolizes the four earthly elements: air, fire, earth and water. When applying two equal triangles represent the harmony of masculine and feminine. 

Another meaning of the two triangles - a combination of earthly and heavenly . Upon submission of the Kabbalah, the Star of David has reflected the seven lower Sephiroth (from six triangles and one from Allen center). A similar parallel is to the six days of creation and one day Sabbath. Twelve ribs Magen David symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel , which ruled King David himself, and that the newly reborn after the arrival of the Messiah.Thinkers continue to learn the secrets of the Star of David and discover all the new values​​. Perhaps the Magen David is an important link in the disclosure of the secrets of the universe, and eventually the Jewish sages will reveal all the secrets of the ancient symbol.

In the modern world, the Star of David is interethnic talisman. Magen David pendants are representatives of almost all religions, and even atheists. This is largely due to the versatility of this symbol having solid scientific and esoteric study. Increasingly, these pendants are representatives of modern youth, seeking to combine the aesthetic and esoteric purpose.

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